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Aimee Randle

Project Run and Play, Odeline Dress, Blog Tour
It's back to school time in the Northern Hemisphere and all the cute outfits and adorable first day of school photo shoots are taking over my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I love it, it reminds me of growing up in the States, posing in my fresh new school clothes in front of the house I grew up in. The smells of summer and freshly cut grass infiltrating my senses while my mom takes an embarassingly long time to take a photo of me standing next to my little sister, smiles plastered to our little faces. You better believe I'm doing that down here too - just not til the end of January.  That being said I was super excited to participate with everyone up North and to help introduce the new patterns Project Run and Play have in their shop, just in time for the big event! I am sharing the Odeline Dress by Iris May Patterns but there is also the Aurora Dress, the L&J Hoodie and the Cicero Jacket
Project Run and Play, Odeline Dress, Blog Tour
I have been on a bit of a hiatus / extended maternity leave since baby Jack entered the world in January but I have officially been back in the studio for a couple weeks now, preparing to launch back into business, new designs and new projects next month. I was grateful to have a fun project like Odeline to get my sewing MoJo back. This pattern is so enjoyable to sew and stitches up very easily and fast and the end result is magnificent. It's a timeless dress that I will store away for the future when my daughter grows out of it and know that it will be just as gorgeous years down the line as it is today!
project run and play, odeline dress, blog tour
 I really tip my hat to you mamas who have children with perfect hairstyles that took time and effort to produce, perfectly styled photos with well behaved children standing next to props you've lovingly and artistically laid out for them. My wild bunch are more the kind of kids who you have to chase down with a hairbrush for a few strokes in their dreadlocked hair and you'll often find their shoes and socks thrown off behind them in a strange sort of trail leading to them having climbed up a tree or hanging upside down from a fence or chair or monkey bars. The photoshoots are no different. Róisín posed for the first two and the rest of these shots were a Mama marathon hoping to produce a few nice shots. Whew! project run and play, odeline dress,  blog tour, puzzle patterns
By the end of the day this dress had been up trees, jumped off the top bunk, partook in an overflowing "sea" full of mermaids in the bathroom and was covered in homemade perfume and jelly. I'm happy to say it held up to the Ro test and looked as beautiful by bedtime as it did when I put it on her. Many compliments were received and her older sister has already put in an order for a single frill version of the Odeline. 
project run and play, odeline dress, blog tour, puzzle patterns
I made the size 4 for my 2 weeks away from being 4 year old and it fit perfect and should carry us well through to her next birthday. I used the U shaped ruffle but there is also a horizontal ruffle version and a version with no ruffle at all - as well as deep pockets that can be added on, multiple sleeve variations and a cute neck ruffle. The options are many and all are very beautiful. I can't wait to make more! 
project run and play, odeline dress, blog tour, puzzle patterns
The four new patterns in the Project Run and Play shop are on sale, 20% off, no code necessary until August 18. There's also a fun giveaway happening right now so head over to the Project Run and Play Blog for details! 
project run and play, odeline dress, blog tour, puzzle patterns

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