Flying Fox

Aimee Randle

Tags flying fox
This week is all about the second sewing pattern in our collection - the Flying Fox! This pattern is a childhood staple - dungarees, overalls, whatever you may call them, we all remember wearing a pair. They are the ultimate outfit, whether in childhood or now. This pattern can be made with either shorts or pants and in addition you can omit the bib section altogether creating stand alone bottoms! There are so many options with the Fox, you can sew the pattern up as is and layer with a Jumping Jack shirt adorned with a Merry Go Round Collar. You can also switch up the bib for the Rosie or Merry bodice to give a completely new look! This pattern has endless option coordinates and over the week we will show you all the fun people have been having sewing up their Foxes. Until then keep an eye out for little foxes with the hashtag #puzzlepatterns
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