Inês Dressing Gown - Suco by Susana

Aimee Randle

A couple of days ago a friend and fellow designer Susana of Suco by Susana released her latest pattern - the Inês Dressing Gown. I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this gorgeous design. A few weeks before she released the testing call my daughter was squeezing into her beloved old dressing gown and I was thinking it was time for another - luckily Susana saved the day. This gown has the perfect amount of ease for movement while still holding a stylish shape and an adorable Peter Pan collar. 
I came across this delicious fleece at Spotlight on sale and it was extra soft, a dream to sew and all my girls favourite colours rolled into one. My only complaint is Susana includes some fun pocket appliqués and this print was just a bit too busy to include them - next time I'll be prepared!
The instructions for the Inês pattern are simple and straightforward and make the process fun and the finished product is so rewarding.  It also comes in sizes 12 months all the way to 14 years so you'll be using this one for the long haul. I have just enough fabric left over to squeeze one more in so stay tuned for a size 2 coming soon for little sister! 
(The Inês is on sale until Monday HERE - no code necessary)

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