Kids Clothes Week Guest Blogger:
Guus Hettema-Reuter

Aimee Randle

As a proud sponsor of our first Kids Clothes Week I thought it would be extra fun to invite a few guest bloggers to contribute to the blog this week. I was so lucky to find some talented and fun ladies to take our patterns and piece them together to make their very own versions of Puzzle Patterns! Kicking off the Week is Guus Hettema-Reuter of Stoffenfeest. So with no further adieu, here's Guus!! 
When Aimee of Puzzle Patterns called for a set to sew before the KCW kicked off, I did not hesitate for a moment. At this moment she has 4 patterns, the parts of which are interchangeable. So you can make your own 'puzzle' of the parts yourself. Or you let your daughter choose, as I did. I, myself, had a lot of different thoughts in mind, but I thought it was such a nice concept that I could not resist letting myself choose.
Puzzle Patterns
 Last week a panel fabric of thin cotton with an embroidered edge of Swafing arrived. I thought it would be nice to sew something with this. I did not have to finish the bottom. The top part of the 'Plain Bodice' of the 'Ring Around the Rosie' matched this. Normally you double it, but I just made it in connection with the embroidery. I also sewed the straps a bit differently, I cut them on the fabric fold and left a piece at the bottom when sewing the inside-out. When I had turned the straps back to the right side, I sewed the front piece in between, good ironing and measuring.
puzzle patterns
The top is part of the Jumping Jack pattern with the 'Small collar' of Merry go Round. You can also opt for a broader collar, or for a double collar. Ruffles on the sleeve, etc.The fabric is a cotton from 3 wishes.
puzzle patterns
At the back, the bands cross each other and are held in place by a button.
To make the set somewhat less intense in terms of prints, also a picture of the dress with a blue shirt underneath.
puzzle patterns
Thank you so much Guus for being here and for your beautiful combination of the Rosie, Jack and Merry patterns! You can find all the fabrics she used in her gorgeous shop Stoffenfeest
Stay tuned this week for more puzzle combinations and don't forget to tag us in your own with #puzzlepatterns.

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