Kids Clothes Week Guest Blogger:
Lis Hale

Aimee Randle

It's the third day of Kids Clothes Week and we've got another gorgeous guest with us today!
Meet Lis from Lolly and Me ...
puzzle patterns
I only just recently discovered the world of Puzzle Patterns. I’m always looking for unique and fun designs that I can customise to suit my ideas, so I was really excited to find these. It was so much fun deciding which combination I would play with. There were so many different creations running through my head. I decided for my first one that I would use the Flying Fox bodice and straps and the Ring Around the Rosie skirt piece to create a Pinafore that would be good for layering.
I started by preparing my bodice and straps as per the Flying Fox instructions and then the skirt and facings from the Ring Around the Rosie. Then I used the construction steps from the Flying Fox pattern. I made a couple of my own modifications last minute. I decided to use a ¾" elastic instead of ½" and when I was adding the buttons /buttonholes I decided to switch it up and attach the buttons to the bodice and put buttonholes on my straps for a different look. This way I could also put multiple buttonholes on the straps to make them adjustable if need be.
puzzle patterns
I made a size 5 with 7 length as my daughter measured at size 6 for height and I upsized as she grows so fast. It probably is a bit long on her, however, at least it should last all Autumn, Winter and into Spring as well here in Australia.  I used a pinwale corduroy for warmth,  however next time I’ll use a medium weight interfacing through the whole bodice and straps to give it some more structure.
puzzle patterns
My girl loves the dress and enjoyed playing and running in it all day. The straps did slip off her shoulders a bit so I think next time I’ll use the Ring Around the Rosie straps length and positioning on the back to have them cross over and hold them in place a bit better on her shoulders.
 puzzle patterns
I found the instructions super easy to follow and I love how it gives you a shopping list and separate lists of what instructions to use and where. It made it really simple to know when to jump to the other pattern.
 I loved creating this pretty Pinny and I can’t wait to try out some more combinations!
Lis – Lolly & Me
. . . . . . . . . 
Thanks so much for being here Lis! 
How gorgeous is her daughter in her Autumn ensemble?!
We've had so much fun with our guest bloggers and stay tuned because there is still more to come! 

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