Kids Clothes Week Guest Blogger:
Rūta Iliuk - Vanagaitė

Aimee Randle

Today we have double the fun with our guest blogger Rūta Iliuk - Vanagaitė of Scraps Keeper. She has not sewn one, but TWO puzzle outfits for her gorgeous daughters! Now, onto you Rūta . . .
I was honored to be a guest blogger for Puzzle Patterns and introduce their amazing new Playtime collection. It contains 4 interchangeable patterns: Jumping Jack, Flying Fox, Merry Go Round and Ring Around the Rosie. Yes, that’s right – all the pattern pieces can be mixed and matched like a puzzle! Possibilities are endless and fun in the sewing process also!
puzzle patterns
I decided to go big and try to make full outfit sets for both of my daughters. For my older Eleanor (she wears a size 5) I chose to make a mix of the ruffled bodice (Ring around the Rosie) and shorts (Flying Fox). The only change I did was to lengthen the shorts to fit kindergarten requirements.
puzzle patterns
For the top I did the Jumping Jack with long sleeves, as it’s still spring here and not very warm. It was a quick sew (I made BOTH girls outfits in one day while they were in kindergarten, from taping pattern to finishing!). She really liked it, I couldn’t expect more because usually she wears dresses and skirts only, she’s a princess kinda girl. It’s a huge plus as I finally found a pattern which she loves and there will be no headache thinking how to make her wear pants when it’s necessary! Wooohoo!
You can see how happy she is! 
puzzle patterns
For my younger daughter Elizabeth (she wears size 3) I decided to try something I've never made – harem pants (Jumping Jack). I always considered it looks better on boys, but I was so wrong! It’s super comfy, playing friendly and looks so cute! Now to make dozens of them!
puzzle patterns
For the top I used Jumping Jack with the small collar (Merry Go Round). It turned out cute and added a girly look to the outfit. I love these patterns and their versatility – simply changing a detail and it can be unisex – removing the collar and it would perfectly fit for a boy! So great if you have both gender kids, you don’t have to buy separate patterns.
puzzle patterns
So, my youngest was happy too and we had a lot of fun while taking pictures! 
puzzle patterns
I used regular quilting cotton for all the items, so it was easy to work with. All the patterns are clear, easy and beginner friendly, with the detailed instructions and a lot of helpful photos, also pattern hacks for mixing and matching.
puzzle patterns
Here are a few more pictures showing how my girls loved their outfits to make you want grab a pattern and go sewing! 
puzzle patterns
puzzle patterns
. . . . . . . . . .
These are too gorgeous! Thanks so much for being here Rūta, your girls are devine.
We're halfway through this Kids Clothes Week and can't wait to see what creative makes the second half brings! 

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