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Tricia Cerda

Aimee Randle

It's day two of our guest bloggers! We had so much fun with Guus yesterday and today we have Tricia of It's Sew Tricia. Let's hand it over to the fabulous lady herself ... 

Hey everyone, I’m Tricia! I am so incredibly honored to get to write this blog post and to have been chosen to sew up some of Aimee’s awesome patterns. A little about myself…I live in Fresno, California. It’s the part of California that nobody is particularly proud to be from. ;) I’ve been sewing for sanity for two years now, self-taught (ok, You Tube and Pinterest taught) and I absolutely love this pdf pattern sewing world. Anyone else in like, 7,000 groups on facebook?

I just discovered Puzzle Patterns a few weeks ago and the concept is pretty brilliant. However, it means there are SO many options that it makes it almost impossible for someone as indecisive as me to decide what to sew. After much deliberation (with myself, of course), I decided to sew the Merry Go Round Bodice with flutter sleeves and the Ring Around the Rosie bloomers to create a super cute romper. I wanted something sweet, young and feminine.

puzzle patterns

Putting the Patterns Together

This is literally my LEAST favorite thing about sewing pdf patterns. I dread putting them together. Especially patterns with a lot of pages, which is why I typically don’t sew for myself. And while a couple of these Puzzle Patterns have quite a few pages, they were actually really fast and easy to put together. You can tell that Aimee really thought about her placement, and that helped a lot. I didn’t have to tape ALL the pages together, which saved a lot of time. I put together both the Ring Around the Rosie and the Merry Go Round patterns in about 30 minutes, so not too bad.

puzzle patterns


The Merry Go Round bodice is a pretty straight forward sew. The instructions were easy to follow and having it lined made it beautiful, inside and out. I also love that the flutter sleeve is lined. The bloomers on the Ring Around the Rosie pattern are literally ONE piece. I love when things are easy like that. I also got to use a new technique on these bloomers, because you use single fold bias tape to make the elastic casing. This also left a really nice finish. These two pieces went together perfectly, too. Plus, this size 2 romper only took a yard of  fabric.

puzzle patterns 

I will say, having puzzle pieces is brilliant. It means more printing, taping and cutting and you do have to search a bit for instructions between patterns, but the options are endless so you really get the most out of the patterns and ultimately, your money, haha.

This was a really great and fun experience. I can’t wait to see what else Aimee comes up with! Maybe a knit collection? ;)

. . . . .

Hehe, maybe Tricia! Thanks for being here! 

I'm loving seeing all of your gorgeous makes so far this week.

Stay tuned for our next guest tomorrow for day 3!

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