Little Sewing School

Aimee Randle

puzzle patterns, little sewing school

We're starting a new project over here at Puzzle Patterns that I'm really excited about! We're launching a sewing school for the little ones in your life! A step by step course you can follow along and teach your babe how to join in on one of your favourite hobbies, creating great memories and teaching lifelong skills. We'll start off with teaching the basics, getting your little comfortable with the machine, teaching them how to sew a stitch and how the functions work. From there we will have a weekly sewing project we'll walk you through with pictures and tutorials. 

My co-host for this series will be my 7 year old Lottie and we're hoping you'll join us for all the fun! Make sure to join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on the latest lesson. 

You can jump in the sewing lessons anytime, I recommend starting from lesson one (Which will be live on the blog this Friday) and continuing from there!

We can't wait to sew alongside you, making memories together with our little ones and passing down those handicraft skills to the next generation! See you Friday! 


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