Puzzle Pieces: Ruffled Dungarees

Aimee Randle

Happy New Years! It was so exciting to end 2017 with the launch of our debut collection Playtime - and I'm even more excited to kick off the blog with lots of fun sewing projects in 2018! As you may know, the Playtime collection is designed around creating a capsule wardrobe with the pattern pieces being interchangeable - like a puzzle. All the patterns are fun on their own, but this gives you the ability to create and design pieces all your own.  

In this blog series 'Puzzle Pieces', I'll show you different and fun ways you can mix them up to create all new outfits. Let's kick off with my favorite combo so far - these ruffled dungarees I created using the top half of the Ring Around the Rosie and the bottoms of the Flying Fox.

For these I used an incredibly soft, white, linen/rayon blend from one of my favorite local (Melbourne, Australia) stores Rathdowne Remnants. They have an amazing selection of linens in a wide array of colors - not to mention their incredibly helpful staff - and a really fun button selection, which you'll need a couple to fasten this together. I chose to place the buttons on the inside of the waistband, hidden away. The preference was divided on this among our testers and I'm happy to report it looks great with the straps tucked away neatly inside or showcased proudly on the outside with the straps showing.

This outfit was made for a particularly difficult 5 year old style critic and I'm so pleased to say that she loves it! It is soft and cozy and allows this wild child plenty of room to move and shake with a little ruffle to jazz it up. I'd love to see what you're making with this collection so please tag us with #puzzlepatterns and share some inspiration with the rest of us! 

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