Ring Around the Rosie

Aimee Randle

This week we are going to be focusing on the first pattern in our collection of 4 - the Ring Around the Rosie! This pattern comes in 2 versions - the dress and the romper - with an option to add ruffles to the straps of either. Speaking of the straps - they're designed with three buttonholes instead of one to increase longevity and make your beautiful handmade creation last longer. Kids grow fast and this one will grow with them! Included is a bloomer pattern for ages 12 months to 5 years which is perfect to wear under the dress for your little one. The bottoms from the romper version also has the ability to stand on its own as a cute high waisted bloomer. The dress version has its own hidden fun as well - you can make a stand alone skirt with this pattern two ways! First as seen in the original pattern, with a flat front and an elasticated back OR to add a bit more of a twirl just use the back skirt pattern piece for both the front and back of the skirt and voila! a fun twirly skirt with a fully elasticised waist and and tons of flare! Thats FOUR separates in addition to this already fun pattern.  
Over the next week we will show you the different variations and styles from our fabulous testers and then the spin you can give them by mixing and matching with the other patterns in the collection. The Rosie is a favorite by many and our best seller thus far. In the meantime pop over to instagram and see all the different photos popping up with #puzzlepatterns

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