the 52 project - Week 2 & 3

Aimee Randle

This week is a catch up. We have been on the move - but not the kind we expected to be. The build has taken a bit longer than expected so our little caravan is parked at our beloved friends as we house sit and couch sit and move all of our clothing and the things meant to be in the caravan around. Our life and belongings are strewn between loved ones houses and the floor of our 4 wheel drive. We are moving between suburbs and having movie nights on our wonderful friends couches while they are away and sampling burger joints in other parts of town. We are now crashing at the in laws and taking long swims in heat waves, heading to the beach to see friends over the weekends and preparing for when we will finally take off. Life is jumbled and crazy but we have each other and thats all that ever really matters. Sometimes I think our little family works better on adventures, no rigid schedules just full days where we rest when need to and snuggle up all together at night. 
The caravan has been gutted, insulated, new walls have been placed in and primed then painted. The windows have been resealed and put in and thanks to good friends she has been wired and new LED lights are put in. Now comes the fit out for the beds and kitchen and then all the things I have collected over the year - new sleeping bags, decor, a retro little fridge - will be placed in and we can ride off into the sunset! 
* * * * * 
Thank you so much to those who commented on my last post. I have switched from a wordpress blog to a shopify and am not sure yet how to comment back to you (I shall figure this out as soon as I have a spare minute!). It also doesn't show where you came from, so if you have one leave your blog so I can visit you too! 

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  • Oh I am loving your life. I’m sure it isn’t easy but it sounds like you have settled into a nomadic lifestyle until your home on wheels is ready. I’m loving watching this unfold already x


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