The Playtime Collection!

Our very first blog post - about our very first collection! Exciting times over here at Puzzle Patterns! We have only just recently released our debut collection - The Playtime - and I thought it would be fun to go through and answer all the questions I have been receiving, right here in one informative post. Over the next few weeks I will be introducing the patterns one at a time, going through the different options they can create, sharing the testers beautiful photos and explaining in a bit more detail how exactly to piece them together in the most fun option of all - the Puzzle Pieces! Puzzle Pieces are the pages at the end of each pattern instruction booklet, which guide you through mixing and matching the different patterns to create entirely new styles. For example, the Merry Go Round dress is fun and frilly - but could cause a bit of a chill when the weather drops. Simply fixed, just add the sleeve from the Jumping Jack pattern and away you go! Don't even get me started on all the amazing rompers you can create by switching around the tops and bottoms - too much fun! We'll get to that all in the following weeks so please stay tuned - but for now let's start with an overview of the collection as a whole!
All the patterns in our shop come in 11 sizes for ages 12 months through to 10 years. We have kept in mind those early diaper/nappy wearing years as well and so extra room is included in the bottoms of the toddler pieces to accomodate both cloth and disposables. On top of all of that there are fitting guides to help you get the perfect fit for your little one. We know not all kids (or any of us really!) are shaped the same so we make it easy for you to adjust to suit your child with easy to follow fitting instructions for all levels of sewing. Speaking of that! Our patterns are all designed for an adventurous beginner sewing level. What does that mean exactly? Glad you asked! It means that they are easy to sew up for those of you just starting out on the machine (but also quite fun for you old hats!) with some added bits (like ruffles and gathering) that are easily learned along the way. Plus, we have an interactive Facebook group that is already full of inspiration and friends to help you out when you're stuck. 
The Playtime is designed as a unisex collection and we've had testers of all ages for both boys and girls. We'll share more of their photos in the upcoming weeks but for now you can click the ever growing hashtag #puzzlepatterns to see a few now or join our new facebook group. Starting Monday we'll start our pattern introductions with the Ring Around the Rosie so watch this space!
If you have any additional questions I didn't answer above please ask them in the comments below. Don't forget to take advantage of our opening week sale with 20% off all patterns - including the entire bundle! - with the code puzzlelove20. 

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