the Rosie round up! Part two.

Aimee Randle

On our last post we ran you through a handful of the different ways people were sewing up the Ring Around the Rosie pattern. Today we have some more varieties to share with you ... 

Deirdre showed us that the middle panel on the Rosie is perfect for a bit of appliqué! Her gorgeous flower mixed with the bright red and white stripes has created an outfit that I'm sure will be adored and passed down for generations to come! You can see more of her beautiful work on her instagram page

Brooke used a soft and feminine fabric that looks amazing with the ruffled version. You can check out more of her fun and florally sewing on her instagram page

Brittany's polka dots and contrasting white ruffles are a great way to add a bit of extra interest to the mix. You can see her sewing and online shop (full of fabulous rompers) on her instagram page.  
Amanda used the pockets from the Dress version of the Rosie and added them to the outside of the Romper. Beautifully done and a great place to store all those treasures collected on her adventures! You can see ore of the fantastic pieces she's created for her daughter on her instagram feed
Feyza kept it fun with floral ruffles paired with her baby blue dress. She sew the best outfits for her little ones and often does sibling ensembles for her girl and boy. You can see more on her instagram feed.
. . . .
That's all for now but stay tuned for our final Rosie round up coming soon! Don't forget to tag us in your Rosie with #puzzlepatterns and #ringaroundtherosiepattern

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